Coronavirus is another Call to Consciousness

16 March 2020

While the world is currently in the grip of fear concerning the Corona virus, know that the pandemic is not creating the fear; the fear was already there within us; the pandemic and its possible effects on the world is bringing our fear up to the surface, and our greatest fear is the unknown and our inability to control the unknown.

While this virus is seriously contagious and has on average a 3 percent death rate, we have a much higher chance of surviving this virus than dying from it.

And so it requires a balanced response – yes, we must take practical precautions to lower our chances of contracting or spreading the virus, but at the same time do all we can to remain calm, peaceful and optimistic.

There are only two vibrations in the world; love and fear. We can choose to respond with love or to react in fear. Love is the only energy that heals. Fear disempowers us and actually raises the likelihood of us contracting the virus. Fear is a strong emotion. Whatever we fear we attract to us. 

Fear is catchy, just like a virus. The ego thinks “if that person is panicking, then there must be something to worry about.” So how do we stay in the vibration of love in these crazy times? Stay aware. 

The ego mind is an expert in catastrophic thinking. Your soul self knows that you are a being of unlimited potential, that you have the power to create what you want and that you have the power to create wellness. Your mind is powerful and  when it chooses loving thought it can create miracles. Through life-affirming affirmations, you can stay optimistic and you can stay well.

Below are some affirmations to say daily to keep you in the vibration of love and remind you that you have the power to create your world. 

My immune system is working at optimum levels.

My body is healthy and strong.

Every cell in my body is healthy and well.

I now release the need to contract any virus or illness.

My body is virus free now.

Every cell in my body is filled with love and light.

Today I choose to be in the vibration of love.

Love is all there is.

In these changing and turbulent times, make your highest priority a sense of inner peace. Choose to have an open and loving heart. Let nothing disturb you, let go of fearful thoughts and turn always to loving thoughts. The power is within you.

The challenges we face are all part of a much bigger change that will lead ultimately to a better world. 

Coronavirus Meditation and Talk

In these unprecedented times, our number one priority must be to heal our fear.

We do so to see what is happening through a conscious and loving lens.

I have made this healing meditation and talk available for everyone to help keep us in a vibration of presence, awareness and love at this time.

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